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1.  Survival Guide for the First Four Years  (15 CTLE hours)- closed

Instructor:  Jennifer Sohl 

Dates:  10/2/23 to 10/23/23   (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available)                                                                                                       

This workshop will introduce a variety of tools, materials and opportunities to enable new teachers to navigate the increasingly demanding field of education. Among other topics, the instructor will share techniques that will cover topics such as effective classroom management, parent contact and community building, and personal stratagems to create an advantageous future in teaching. Each session will focus on a different topic in a new teacher's survival guide. New teachers will have the opportunity to share experiences they are having in the classroom as well as to discuss best practices.  https://forms.gle/Lo9BbVCzbkXBjYcZ8  

2.  Co-Teaching Best Practices  (15 CTLE hours)-closed

Instructor:  Annie Warren 

Dates: 10/4/23  to 10/25/23   (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

Co-teaching allows both students and teachers to experience and benefit from a wide range of instructional practices while meeting the variety of learning styles they have in their classrooms. Co-teaching models promote inclusion, increase engagement, promote teamwork, and allow teachers to differentiate instruction more easily. Through the successful implementation of co-teaching, teachers can establish multiple pathways to lead to student success. Upon completing this course, participants will leave with a toolbox containing knowledge of current practices for co-teaching models, resources that work, and lesson plans they can use immediately.  https://forms.gle/uSV9iHLDynnR3HEK8  

3.  Self-Care for Educators  (15 CTLE hours)- closed

Instructor:  Jessica Ciardullo

Dates: 10/12/23 to 11/2/23  (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

In this course, participants will learn the importance of self-care and the role it plays in both professional and personal spaces. Through an assessment of their current self-care status, participants will gain an understanding of what aspects of wellness they will focus on to build a sustainable wellness routine. This course will offer a holistic approach to achieving optimal wellness in a demanding profession.  https://forms.gle/RAE279cimX5YYKYR6  

4.  Grade 5-6 & 7-8 Special Education Certification Extension Series (45 CTLE hours)- closed

Instructor:  Meredith Murolo 

Dates: 10/16/23 to 12/15/23 (synchronous 10/16 6-7:30 PM with  43.5 asynchronous hrs.)

In June of 2018, NYS approved certification pathways for special educators interested in extending their existing certification to grades 5&6 and 7&8. The requirements for these extensions include experience in one or both of the grade levels nearest the extension, a current NYS Students with Disabilities Generalist certification, and a 45-hour NYSED approved course in the extension grade band. Special Educators who have an existing SWD Grades 1-6 who are interested in obtaining an extension for grades 7&8, and Special Educators who have an existing SWD Grades 7-12 certification, who are interested in obtaining an extension for grades 5, 6, 7, 8 are invited to study grade bands through this program. This program meets the NYSED criteria for extending an existing NYS Students with Disabilities Generalist certification. Participants will complete 45 hours of coursework that qualifies them to extend Certification to SWD Grades 5-8. There will be three sections of work: Knowledge of Students, Instructional Strategies and Professional Practice. Content is aligned to the NYS Teaching and CEC Standards. This entire course will be conducted online via Google Classroom (live discussions) and an online work platform. The instructor will contact registrants prior to the start date. https://forms.gle/EKFyby8AB2aGwvH79  

5. Google Classroom   (5 CTLE hours) - closed

Instructor:  Mia LaFata

Dates: 10/18/23 to 10/25/23  (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

In this course, features of Google Classroom will be explored along with how Google Classroom interacts with Google Workspace for Education applications. Educators will also learn the best ways to utilize Google Classroom in their class(es), to foster a more seamless way of organizing, receiving, and grading student assignments. Participants will create a place to house materials and resources for students.  https://forms.gle/1SBxi9Bs6zJiv4zC6  

6. Google Workspace for Education (15 CTLE hours) closed

Instructor:  Mia LaFata

Dates: 10/23/23  to 11/13/23  (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

In this course, Google Workspace applications that will be covered include, but are not limited to: Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Jamboard, Google Sheets and Google Slides. Each tool will have its own session within the course but may also include how they can be used in conjunction with each other. For each tool, teachers will learn how to best utilize them in the classroom to effectively enhance their curriculum and provide students with advanced technology skills.  https://forms.gle/14SsqhhG3eALtsF58  

7. Understanding and Designing Lessons for the Next Gen ELA standards  (15 CTLE hours) closed                   

Instructor:  Maria Whalen 

Dates: 10/26/23 to 11/16/23  (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

This course will help educators focus on how the Next Generation Learning Standards for P-12 in ELA differ from the Common Core Learning Standards. We will use the Crosswalk documents as a reference tool to assess the scope of the content changes and the impact those changes will have on student learning, locally devised curriculum, instruction and instructional resources. Educators will complete an analysis of their current units of study, focusing on how the unit prepares their students to become lifelong readers, writers, learners, and thinkers.  Teachers will self-assess units of study to ensure they contain multiple, content-rich, high-interest, grade-level, accessible texts that are culturally responsive and relevant.  https://forms.gle/LaJEA4j7y22qotvF9  

8. Google Assessment Tools   (10 CTLE hours) closed

Instructor:  Mia LaFata

Dates: 10/30/23  to 11/15/23  (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

In this course, teachers will learn several web-based assessment tools that can be utilized in the classroom to measure student learning. These tools help to create a more engaging and interactive experience for students. Some web-based tools that will be covered are: Flip, Nearpod, Pear Deck, and EdPuzzle. Some of these tools are in the form of games or quizzes which keep students engaged and excited as well as provide teachers with feedback and information they need to help their struggling students.  https://forms.gle/xnziemUEmvUgefKo9   

9. Strategies for Paraprofessionals   (15 CTLE hours) closed

Instructor:  Dr. Shaundrika Langley-Grey

Dates:  11/1/23 to 11/22/23   (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

This course focuses on the vital role paraprofessionals play in enhancing student achievement and assisting classroom teachers. In particular, it tackles the challenges that arise when working with bright, enthusiastic, and creative children who have emotional and learning disabilities. These students' behaviors and unique support requirements can pose significant obstacles in the classroom. This course aims to equip paraprofessionals with strategies to effectively address these challenges while supporting the individual student, fostering a positive learning environment and collaborating with the classroom teacher. https://forms.gle/uXR53XSdfrPqJaEc9  

10.  Book Talk: Happy Teachers Change the World: A Guide for Cultivating Mindfulness in Education (15 CTLE hours) closed

Instructor:  Maria Whalen 

Dates:  11/6/23 to 11/27/23  (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

This course will center around the book Happy Teachers Change the World: A Guide for Cultivating Mindfulness in Education by Katherine Weare and Thich Nhat Hanh.  This book focuses on easy-to-follow, step-by-step techniques for teachers to incorporate into their own mindfulness practices and then guides them to implement these practices into their classrooms.  Through this course, educators will create activities to use in their classrooms based on the book’s suggestions to calm, focus, and re-energize their students. This course will help students to be more authentically engaged in their own social and emotional learning, be more connected to school, and become more empowered learners. A copy of this book will be provided to each registrant. Books will be available for pickup at the ITRC office. https://forms.gle/iH8F3JHvhSWAC3bs9   

11.  Empowering Girls   (15 CTLE hours) closed

Instructor:  Meredith Murolo

Dates: 11/8/23  to 11/29/23  (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

Empowering our Girls focuses on meaningful changes that need to take place in schools and society at large to help girls achieve more. This course offers specific strategies and evidence based practice that teachers can implement in their daily classroom routines to promote growth for young girls and equity among genders. Participants will be challenged to actively attempt to change the narrative for all of our students, not just girls, and to explore ways to create a more inclusive environment that allows students to meet their full potential by identifying stereotypes that are embedded in our culture. https://forms.gle/NSxWQ2FE1TKznqro9   

12.  Differentiated Instruction Made Easy  (15 CTLE hours) closed

Instructor:  Annie Warren

Dates: 11/13/23  to 12/4/23  (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

Differentiated instruction allows teachers to meet individual student needs while differentiating content, process, products, and learning environment. This course is designed to provide teachers with ready-to-implement tools and strategies and help them learn how to best address the variety of student needs. Participants will learn how to support different learning styles, abilities, and preferences as well as how to create a learning environment that promotes student success. Through differentiated  instruction, teachers create an atmosphere where all students can take ownership of their learning and feel successful. https://forms.gle/XJ5YL5mcXPEumJBt9   

13.  Teaching Writing in the Age of AI: Strategies for Using Chat GPT  (5 CTLE hours)  closed

Instructor:  Carol Weintraub

Dates: 11/15/23 to 12/6/23   (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

In this course, teachers of grades 6-12 will explore the emerging phenomenon of artificial intelligence and its effects on education and society. Teachers will interact with various forms of technology using artificial intelligence, evaluate the pitfalls and promises of AI for teaching and learning, and create a lesson for their students in their content area using AI as a learning tool.


14.  Social & Emotional Learning   (15 CTLE hours) - closed

Instructor:  Jessica Ciardullo

Dates: 11/20/23 to 12/11/23  (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

In this workshop, participants will  learn tools to integrate SEL into their classroom. Each session will focus on different modalities that support students' social and emotional development. These tools and modalities include emotional check-ins, mindfulness, movement and character building. Virtual sessions will be experiential in order for educators to gain a full understanding of social and emotional learning. https://forms.gle/mMDxhPiARuB99q4cA 

15.  Methods & Materials for Teaching English Language Learners  (15 CTLE hours) 

Instructor:  Elaine DiBenedetto

Dates: 11/29/23 to 12/20/23  (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

This course will delve into best practices for teaching English learners. Participants will learn how to develop a vision for quality teaching for English language learners and understand how to support them by becoming familiar with different types of English language learners, their academic needs, and the different programs available in order to create a successful learning environment. https://forms.gle/JD25bM2iGFZLka8bA  

16.  Beyond the Bake Sale: Parent-Teacher Relationships  (15 CTLE hours) 

Instructor: Dr. Shaundrika Langley-Grey

Dates:  11/30/23 to 12/21/23  (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

This course explores the significant impact of parental involvement on students' academic success. "Beyond the Bake Sale" provides insights into fostering strong collaborative relationships between parents and teachers and practical guidance for enhancing their interactions. This course covers a range of topics, including strategies for constructive and inclusive parent-teacher communication and navigating the complexities surrounding diversity in the classroom. By attending this course, participants will gain valuable tools and knowledge to strengthen the partnership between parents and teachers, ultimately benefiting students' educational outcomes. https://forms.gle/uudVZvRugW4MbcbN6  

17.  Reconnecting with the Disconnected Learner   (15 CTLE hours)

Instructor:  Doug Shaw 

Dates: 1/8/24 to 1/29/24  (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

One of the lasting effects of the Covid lockdowns is the disconnectedness teachers report with their students. What if the pandemic only accelerated the trend that began in 2012, when over 50% of American teenagers started carrying smartphones? This course will take an in-depth look at the reasons why so many of our students feel disconnected. Together, we will discuss the challenges presented to educators and what we can do to re-engage our learners. https://forms.gle/rzXcMLoAHhfBUUkN9  

18.  Supporting Struggling Readers Through Multi-Sensory Techniques (10 CTLE hours)

Instructor:  Jenna Kawiecki   

Dates: 1/10/23 to 1/31/24  (asynchronous with synchronous office hours available) 

A multi-sensory approach is one that integrates sensory activities where students see, hear, and touch. In essence, a multi-sensory approach incorporates the learning styles for visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile learners. Multi-sensory teaching incorporates all of the senses allowing students to engage with materials in a variety of ways.  By the end of the course, participants will possess strategies to develop fun activities to support struggling readers. https://forms.gle/6Vv5pWtBAinhThJD9