Continuing Teacher & Leader Education (CTLE) Hours 

Required Professional Learning

Who is qualified to offer CTLE Professional Learning?
Professional Development for CTLE hours must be provided by an organization with a designated CTLE Sponsor Number assigned by the NYS Department of Education. 

 *Intercounty Teacher Center is an authorized provider.

Who needs to complete CTLE hours?
If you have PERMANENT certification, you do not need to complete CTLE hours.

Teachers with Professional Certification and  Level III Teaching Assistants  are required to complete and track 100 CTLE  hours in each five year registration cycle.

How to submit CTLE hours to the State?
You do not submit your hours. Upon the completion of each five year cycle, you will simply check a box on your TEACH account attesting to your  completed hours. You may or may not be called upon by the State to provide evidence of completion. Your provider will supply a certificate upon completion of the professional development. Certificate of hours should be retained as part of your records.  

How long must certificates of CTLE hours be kept?
Eight years

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