What is a Policy Board?

Policy boards are the governing body of teacher centers. Education Law 316 requires  the policy board include a majority of teachers appointed by the collective bargaining agent. Policy boards also include individuals designated by the Center's LEA, a representative from higher education, a parent representative and a representative from business. The board composition of a majority of teachers emphasize the philosophy for the creation of teacher centers which is "teachers teach teachers."

Policy boards are responsible for establishing the mission, goals, and strategic plan for the center. A  director is appointed and they collaborate on the financial needs of the center, as well as, approve all professional learning offered by the center. Since Intercounty is a consortium, there are policy board members from each of the schools/districts.

Intercounty Teacher Resource Center Policy Board Members 

Public School Teachers            

Bethpage Michelle Phillips

Cold Spring Harbor         Marty Glynn 

Elmont Kate DeRuve                                             

Glen Cove Cheryl Carmody               

Islip Wayne Mennecke 

Jericho Carly Bock                                              

North Shore Darlene Skaee   

Roosevelt Mia Camen 

Uniondale                          Dolores Frost

Westbury                         Stephanie Giamatteo                                         


Private School Teachers


Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf Michelle O'Brien
Parent Representative Jennifer Byrnes
Business Representative Anthony  Mastrantonio                         

Higher Education Representative Stan Silverman
LEA Administration Representative Dr. Michael Giacchetto

15 Members:  Quorum of 8

The Intercounty Teacher Resource Center Policy Board meets several times a year.  The meeting dates are posted  two weeks in advance.

12/08/22 convened (minutes provide upon request)

01/12/23 convened (minutes provided upon request)

05/04/23 convened (minutes provided upon request)

06/02/23 convened (minutes provided upon request)

09/28/23 convened (minutes provided upon request)

01/04/24 convened (minutes provided upon request)

03/21/24 convened (minutes provided upon request)